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Take Action

The Status of Women Report and the lived experiences of women at Iowa State University tell a story that is at times hopeful and others discouraging. If you feel moved to help advance gender equity at Iowa State, here are some actions you can take.

Take Action

  • Tell your story 
  • Contribute to the Status of Women Report
  • Share this report with your peers and decision-makers

Tell your story

On The Stories section of this site, we invite women* in the ISU community to share their stories highlighting individual experiences, answering the questions:

  1. What was your personal and/or professional journey like that led you to Iowa State University?
  2. What resources or support would help you thrive as a woman at Iowa State University?

Participants can choose to publish with their names or remain anonymous (or use a pseudonym). Additionally, if participants wish to share their story but not have it published, they may email their responses to the committee. 

If you would like to contribute your story, complete our Women@ISU Stories Survey or email If you are in search of or would like to access more resources, we encourage you to connect with the Office of Equal Opportunity or the Ombuds Office

*The term 'women' here implies any individual that identifies as a woman, regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth. In the future, we hope to incorporate data into our report that allows us to address gender equity outside of the binary.

Contribute to the Status of Women Report

The data we used to develop this report is available in raw form from a variety of internal and public sources. Our hope is that any university committee, department, club, affinity group, or class that is interested in gleaning more insights from this data feels empowered to do so. This may include conducting additional research using primary or secondary data collection and analysis to examine a particular population or special issue on campus. We encourage you to ask questions whose answers will better inform the campus community about issues related to gender and its intersectionality with other factors. We would be glad to explore hosting your analysis within this report in partnership with your group.

Additionally, if you have additional resources we can share on the Resources and Support page, we'd like to know those, too.

To learn more about how you can collaborate with UCAWGE to contribute to the report, email

Share this report with your peers and decision-makers

We transformed the Status of Women Report from a print document written for senior administration into an accessible web-based dashboard because advancing gender equity takes effort from the entire university community. However, we can't be in all spaces across campus. We need your help to share this website with your classmates, co-workers, professors, supervisors, deans, and administrators. Some suggestions for starting the conversation:

  1. Choose a section or graph from the website that resonates with you. Explain why in 2-3 sentences, and invite your colleagues to share their thoughts.
  2. Schedule a meeting with your department to review the report. Brainstorm ways your unit might be able to implement some of the recommendations or work toward gathering additional data to dive deeper for your department or college. 
  3. Review the resources provided on the Resources and Support page. Consider national data compared to Iowa State University. Hold a discussion with your committee, club, or affinity group - how are we better or worse than national data? What can we change about this? 

You are welcome to share the website on your social media channels. Please use the hashtag #WomenAndGenderISU. If you have any questions or would like to share feedback about your interactions with others surrounding the report, please email