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I lived in Ames and wanted to go to college, after entering college a female professor encouraged me to consider a different major and I switched and thrived in that major. My professors were supportive throughout my pregnancy, mostly understanding when I took time off after giving birth. Then I went into the workforce for awhile and felt like I should go back to learn more. ISU seemed like a good place to continue learning so I applied for graduate school and was accepted. Through my rotations I found a good professor who's lab I joined.


Currently, with the pandemic my biggest concern is childcare and that I've had to bend over backwards to not have to drop out because of unresponsiveness and minimal support from university or departmental administration. I asked if I could do hybrid lessons, and was basically told 'tough luck, we're doing everything in person unless the professor requests alternate work arrangements' then I asked around about what I should do and though my PI has been consistently supportive and understanding, I'm exhausted. It would help if more administration would take student concerns seriously.